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Nine-room B&B with a laid-back atmosphere


We affectionately call these rooms “small with a big personality.” They feature a Queen-size bed and an unpretentious, laid-back design aesthetic in line with the Rough Lux movement. The result is undeniably romantic utilizing soft shades of cream and tan alongside mixed vintage pieces that give a unique personality to each space. The room measures 20m².


Larger space and a King-size bed. The design continues to play a very important role, includes small seating areas and living spaces that are unique to each individual space. This room-type is perfect for guests that like to stretch their legs or spend lazy mornings reading quietly while enjoying the cool breeze and soft hum of life outside. The room measures 23m².

Cuartos Terraza

Live in harmonious balance with nature. Here you’ll discover a Queen-size bed and hip outdoor seating area on your own private terrace. The terrace looks out over our garden and peeks into the Maya jungle beyond our property. It is the ideal place to observe the quietness of this green space and relish in the faint sounds of the jungle creatures and wind through the palms. The room measures 20m² with a 5m² terrace.

Suites Terraza

Is the unique suite and most luxurious. The space offers panoramic views and a private terrace with outdoor bath or shower. Inside, calm colors and a spacious sitting area is the ideal place to lounge after a long day of sun. After which, you can roll onto your King-size bed and draw the curtains to enjoy the silence and coziness of this chic space. The room measures 30m² + 8m² terrace.

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