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Water, the power of love

“When two givers indulge in a connection; it´s magic. Its alchemy. I water you, you water me, we never drain each other, we just grow.” –Brandon Nembhard



We believe that creating real change starts with ourselves, with an open heart, and challenges us to become an embodied part of the transformation we wish to see in the world. Putting love into action.

Loving others in difficult times reminds us of water as a symbol of love because, water is known to be a universal solvent. Water goes everywhere, seeps into everything. No matter how hardened a substance may be, water will soften it.

Water is patient as it persistently wears away even the hardest granite mountain over millions of years, flushing away the rock’s minerals downstream to the ocean. Unconditional loving allows us to wait, to take time, to be steady and still, to know only the best during intense moments, to have faith in the innate goodness of the other person and us, to believe that a positive, life-affirming outcome is always possible.

So too is love like water: Love is the natural medium that carries messages, that flow incessantly and silently, bringing us together, conveying what is often unspoken — the message from our hearts to others and to the world — allowing life to continue and flourish in all our relationships.

Our two sister properties in Playa & Soliman Bay will allow you to live and feel a close connection with nature and the essence of life: water. So, connect with the water and feel the power of love now!


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