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Perseverance & Passion

Be limitless for your passion and dedication.

A dream woke us one day. A powerful force for what we were born, so strong that every hour we live, every minute we live, every second we live… keeps us inspired until today. Our dream was sown, a seed that today gives us one of the most gratifying satisfactions of life.

Everyone has passion, and everyone can have a dream but only few have the courage and perseverance to turn dreams into reality. All you can do is believe! Believe that this passion that you have will turn into purpose and that purpose will turn into greatness.

The humility of working with the heart, having faith in what we want to achieve, and flowing with the positive energy that moves us, is the key to enjoy what we are passionate about. The real connection with genuine gratitude puts us in a positive state immediately.

Passion can move a person beyond themselves, without passion life is nothing so we made the decision to work hard and that makes anyone unstoppable, unbreakable.

So, we started with La Semilla and today we have become one of the best boutique hotels in Mexico and the world. Teamwork, excellent service, quality in every detail distinguishes us, we create our own style and of course our passion has made us unique.

Thanks to our customers for trusting us. Our gratitude to Travel+Leisure Mexico for the recognition and we are in debt to life for allowing us to live our dream every day.

Follow your passion and happiness will always remain by your side.

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