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Meditation: What’s the deal?


“Meditation and water are melded forever.”

–Herman Melville

There is no deeper connection of water with life than through the ocean. Meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness. A time to slow down, rest your mind and thoughts, and achieve a true form of peacefulness. A time to focus on becoming more appreciative and attentive.

Meditating allows you to experience true happiness as a result of the ultimate peacefulness you – hopefully – attain.

The beauty of meditation is there are no set rules! Do what works for you. Find focused, attentive, and quiet time to yourself.

In the morning, your mind is clear. Achieving a peaceful state of mind, you can carry this clarity with you throughout the rest of your day.

Afternoon meditation relieves any tension built up during the day and helps mentally prepare you to tackle the rest of your day!

Meditating in the evening can help you process your thoughts and experiences from the day and prepare you for a peaceful night’s sleep.

How long should you meditate? You tell us! Do whatever works best for you. Try starting your sessions at 2-3 minutes and working your way up to 10 minute sessions – maybe a little longer or maybe a little shorter – but ehh…who’s counting, right?

Any of our properties will allow you to experience moments of absolute peace and fusion with nature, a unique space to be with yourself. Enjoy!


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