Making Villa La Semilla: The Journey to Simple Beauty

We do not live complicated lives and we are grateful for that. Here in Mexico, we are able to harness the peace and sunshine around us everyday to craft a business with passion and integrity; and it is with passion and integrity that we have meticulously poured our hearts into planning Villa La Semilla.

For many years, we have taken our family to enjoy the natural shoreline and quiet ambiance of Soliman Bay—the pristine beaches just outside of Tulum. We would often daydream about building a villa on the calm shores to share this hidden gem with our guests.  We wanted to offer an exclusive experience for families and small groups where folks could disconnect from the noise of the modern world and reconnect with the things they find most important. When this dream started to become a reality just 2 years ago, our wheels began turning about the aesthetic and feeling we would want the design of Villa La Semilla to evoke. The one thing we always knew was that we wanted to create a place that lived in harmony with nature and provide the experience of living inside the native beauty of the area. Under the watchful eye of architect Pedro Pablo Velacso, we have been able to design a project that draws much of its inspiration from the natural forms of the land. This idea has been the backbone of everything we have done and will continue to do.

Building with nature, not against it

Long before paint colors and textile patterns were a thought in our mind, we purchased a plot of land.   This virgin land had not been cleared for construction nor had the hand of man ever interrupted it. Our plot of land was completely wild with tropical flowers and great, towering palm trees. Since stepping into this patch of jungle our mission was clear—to preserve as much vegetation and life as possible during construction.

When we were building Hotel La Semilla, we were fortunate enough to partner with Landscape Architect Sr. Wolf.  Sr. Wolf is a local German-Mexican expat who has called Riviera Maya home for over 30 years and who shares our deep passion for conservation. Together, we began with an extensive vegetation rescue project; which resulted in our amazing garden terrace at the Hotel. For our Villa property, we were determined to continue these efforts while taking it one-step further—along with a team of biologists, architects and engineers, we were able to identify the natural balance of the area and determine which plants were expendable and which were vital to the survival it’s surroundings. By utilizing a special replanting technique, we were able to save nearly 100 plants, trees and flowers, of which 98% survived. For any plants that were lost during this replanting process, we have replaced the land with twice a much vegetation. For us, the most important aspect of this project is to maintain the energy and natural balance of the ecosystem of our property.  We believe this will add an intangible element to the Villa and, as a result, guests will be able to enjoy a plethora of Chit Palms, giant palm trees and extensive plant and flower life native to the area during their time with us.

For our guests, the efforts we have put into preservation of the natural environment translates into an experience of truly feeling inside the Mayan jungle. Our guests will enjoy a lush terrace that leads to a private stretch of beach. We will create small nooks in between the trees for sunbathing and relaxing.   Inside the villa, you will also never feel far away from green. In our preservation process we have built much of the vegetation into the design, which at times, quite literally, means vegetation lives inside the villa walls as well.

To further the concept of living harmoniously with nature, the villa’s design also uses innovative construction techniques to make use of the ocean breeze as a natural cooling system in the Villa’s outside areas.   We have also worked hard with our neighbors to preserve the sand dunes, many of which have been destroyed in other parts of Riviera Maya, in order to protect the marine life and preserve the pure beauty of the location.


Styling the Villa

The passion and veracity we poured into protecting the land on which Villa La Semilla lives has also been directed into the design of the interiors. La Semilla, as a brand, has become synonymous with soft, romantic details and a rough lux aesthetic and this is will continue with Villa La Semilla. Gaining inspiration from organic forms and simple design, our aim is to create an environment that reflects a tranquil life.   We will utilize locally sourced antiques to translate the history, heritage and style of Mexico. Most of the furniture will be sourced and details procured from the finest markets and auctions around Mexico—many of which hail from different Haciendas in and around the Yucatan Peninsula. The careful placement of all objects and materials is where the true magic begins and we cannot wait to share with you our entire finished product.

The Countdown Begins

As summer has now come to it’s end, the basic structure and foundation of our Villa is complete. Expect to see more from us in the upcoming weeks as we roll into the second phase of construction. We expect to launch the property by Christmas 2016 and are thrilled to begin welcoming guests shortly thereafter.


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