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La Semilla Guide: The top 3 quietest beaches in Playa del Carmen

When you come to Hotel La Semilla in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, you will notice that our property is quite different from the stereotypical atmosphere you may have heard about in Playa del Carmen. From the first moment that you step foot onto our property you’ll hear the quiet hum of nature: the melodic chirping of birds, babbling water and the breeze through the trees on our garden terrace. Our guests like to have a certain type of experience in Playa del Carmen, one that is authentic and tranquil—far from the tourist areas that seem to garner more attention than they are worth.

For us, Playa del Carmen is full of subtle beauty and quiet, tucked away corners where you can connect with nature. It is a place with unbelievable beauty and pristine beaches. In this post, we would like to share with you our favorite beaches in Playa del Carmen. We are partial to more secluded areas with local appeal. This means that most of our choices are far from the main strip and don’t have access to beach clubs or restaurants. If you are like us, you won’t mind packing a lunch, grabbing a cozy towel, and journeying beyond the most popular spots. Here are our top 3 recommendations for the quietest beaches in Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen beach, Mexico. Pic by @ohhcouture via Instagram.

Calle 38 ( 38th Street)
Located at the end of our street, the beach access at Calle 38 is the perfect place to spend the day. Just a 5-minute walk from Hotel la Semilla, you’ll arrive at the beach to discover a popular yet much less crowded stretch of sand. This beach is still convenient as there are a handful of restaurants near the beach entrance. There is also one boutique resort on the beach where you can rent chairs and an umbrella if desired. This beach is a good option if you want a nice balance between accessibility and tranquility.

Coco Reef Beach, Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Pic by @lemanie73 via Instagram

Coco Reef
If you continue to walk north towards 48th street, you’ll arrive at Coco Reef. This area and beyond are considered the most secluded beaches in Playa del Carmen. While there are no restaurants, beach clubs, or bars you can enjoy this virtually secluded beach in near privacy save for a few locals and fishing boats that pass by. It is also considered one of the best places to snorkel in Playa del Carmen. Important to note, Coco Reef isn’t easily accessible. The best route is to walk along 5th Ave until you reach 48th street and walk onto the beach from there. The beaches just south of this area have become quite eroded due to natural causes over time, which may make it difficult to walk if you are carrying a lot of things.

Playacar Beach, Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Pic by @mrbreeze via Instagram

Playacar Beach
The beach of Playacar is located within a residential community and is a 10-minute taxi ride from Hotel La Semilla. The beach is well kept by the community management and you’ll find that the sea and surrounding areas are unspoiled. There are clusters of palm trees that line the area offering shade, which is nice as the sun gets extremely hot here in Mexico. We suggest getting to this beach early, as the shaded areas tend to fill up with local residents on the weekends.

Regardless of where you choose to spend your beach day in Playa del Carmen, we encourage you to find the shores that are off the “beaten path.” There are wonderful things to discover and experiences to have if you allow yourself to explore and get wrapped up in the amazing nature that surrounds us.

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