Welcome to Villa La Semilla

First Glimpse: Villa La Semilla, Soliman Bay

A very significant moment has arrived.  This past weekend, we welcomed our family, friends and community to the unveiling of our next project, Villa La Semilla. This beachfront rental home has been a passion project for us and we are thrilled to finally share the fruits of our labor.

From it’s inception, Villa La Semilla was meant to be a place for connection and inspiration.  We hope that families and groups of friends come to our home ready to rekindle a curiosity and love for each other and nature.  In the design of the Villa, we personally hand-picked every detail from the spoons in the kitchen, to the window treatments and patterned tiles.  We scoured antique shops, auctions and flea markets to create the perfect atmosphere for our guests.

We welcome you to enjoy this first round of photos from the Villa.  We are excited to welcome you into our home and hope that you find our space to be exciting, familiar and nurturing.  For more photos updated daily, follow us on Instagram.

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