Expedition Happiness visits Hotel La Semilla

“…that they are endowed (by their Creator) with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” –Thomas Jefferson


This fall, we were fortunate to have two very special guests stay with us at Hotel La Semilla. These guests were exploring Playa del Carmen and countless beautiful spots across Mexico and far beyond. Their transportation of choice was a stylish, 1980’s school bus that they renovated themselves. Why did they do this? All in the pursuit of Happiness…

Expedition Happiness is the brain-child of two very talented individuals: Felix Starck, a young German filmmaker and explorer, and his beautiful girlfriend, Mogi, a talented German singer. Felix stepped into fame with the release of an exquisite film he shot documenting his around-the-world journey by bike. These two artists teamed up to develop the concept for Expedition Happiness and they devised a grand adventure that will become the subject of their next film.

Expedition Happiness marks the culmination of these two artists embarking on an inspiring journey that took them on a trip along the Pan-American Highway. We were fortunate to host these two during the last leg of their trip and have been inspired by their passion and energy to create beauty and spark adventure in those that follow their YouTube channel and various social media platforms.

Felix and Mogi, along with their Bernese mountain dog, Rudi, have boarded this adventure not in protest or as a larger political or social statement, but rather as an act of love and art. We feel inspired by their enthusiasm and the care and honesty in which they share their story. They ask their viewers to receive their experiences as you work a performance—and for us, that is beautifully simple. When you follow their work, there is a sense of wide-eye wonderment and innocence to the discoveries and stories they share. Felix is a wonderful filmmaker and as their journey ended here in Mexico, but the next chapter is only just beginning for the couple. They have raffled off their made-over school bus and returned to Berlin where they are editing the footage of their trip—soon to be released as a film for us all to enjoy. We are excited to see the results.


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